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The Richmond ALA Works in Remarkable Ways!

Dear Elaine and Nancy (and Ann):

As you all know as one of your few practicing and managing attorney members I am a huge fan of the ALA and it NEVER fails that when I attend a meeting or event I come away with something incredibly valuable whether it is a new friendship, a tidbit of useful information or an inspiration that challenges my assumptions or my role in my practice. This is by far the most valuable of my professional memberships.

I wanted to share with you a remarkable thing that happened as a result of attending the monthly chapter meeting in September (other than the benefit of hearing a great speaker deliver a great program on diversity - and my guest David Shapiro joined the Chapter.) At the September meeting Seltek and Gini Mallory had invited Mark Casper from Tech4Troops to attend the luncheon and share information about his charity and their work. 

What was remarkable is as follows: 

As a VTLA member, I follow the member ListServe. On September 26 an attorney asked the ListServe members to suggest organizations that serve veterans from overseas conflicts. He represents a not for profit that had received an “extremely generous donation” with the specific restriction that the funds go towards the recreational needs of such veterans. He noted that the organization had already donated over $500,000 and had more money to give away. 

I immediately responded with a link to Tech4Troops and suggested he take a look at them and their mission. That was all I said in my e mail. 

On October 3, 2016 a check for $10,000 was sent to Tech4Troops from the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 270, Inc., the parent company of Angels of Mercy, a 501(C)(3) organization in Vienna Virginia. I was informed of the donation by a separate letter. 

Upon receiving the letter, I immediately called Gina Mallory with Seltek to tell her about the donation. She let me know that Mark had no idea how the donation had come to Tech4Troops but he was very grateful. Patrick Logan and Gini cleared up the mystery for Mark. 

Mark shared with me that Tech4Troops has a recreational art therapy program and are having an “UpCycle Art” event on November 18 at their facility. These funds will be put to very good use in support of this program. 

So, you just never know what attending an ALA event or meeting might bring you or what valuable information you might acquire that when passed on to others can make a difference in someone’s life. I remain forever grateful for the tireless work done by our local Board and their commitment to bring important and valuable programs to the membership but also for the members who devote their time, energy, services and resources to support our community.   

With my utmost respect for the work you do on behalf of the membership and warm regards, 

Alexandra “Sandra” D. Bowen, Esq.